propertyNames : Schema



Validation succeeds if the schema validates against every property name in the instance.

Value This keyword must be set to a valid JSON Schema
Kind Applicator
Applies To Object
Dialect 2020-12
Changed In None
Introduced In Draft 6
Vocabulary Applicator
Official Tests draft2020-12/propertyNames.json
Default {}
Annotation None
Affected By None
Affects None
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The propertyNames keyword in is used to define constraints on the property names within an object instance. It allows you to specify a schema that all the property names in an object instance must adhere to.


Schema with 'propertyNames' keyword Schema
  "$schema": "",
  "propertyNames": { "maxLength": 3 }
Valid An object instance with the length of property names less than or equal to 3 is valid Instance
{ "foo": "foo", "bar": 33 }
Invalid The length of any property name must not be greater than 3 Instance
{ "name": "John Doe", "age": 21 }
Schema with 'propertyNames' set to true Schema
  "$schema": "",
  "propertyNames": true
Valid An object instance with any property name is valid Instance
{ "foo": "bar" }
Valid An instance with an array is valid Instance
[ "no", "effect" ]
  • propertyNames has no effect on instances other than objects.
  "$schema": "",
  "propertyNames": { "type": "number" }
Invalid An object instance with any property is invalid Instance
{ "foo": 22 }
Valid An empty object is valid Instance
  • The property names in any object instance cannot be a number. Therefore, any object instance will fail against the above schema, except for an empty object.