contentMediaType : String



This keyword declares the media type of the string instance.

Value This keyword should be set to a valid media type as defined in RFC 2046, like the registered IANA media types
Kind Annotation
Applies To String
Dialect 2020-12
Changed In None
Introduced In Draft 7
Vocabulary Content
Official Tests draft2020-12/content.json
Default None
Annotation String The content media type set by this keyword
Affected By None
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The contentMediaType keyword in JSON Schema specifies the MIME type of the contents of a string. It is used to annotate the type of media contained within a string. It should be noted that:

  • This keyword is purely an annotation and does not directly affect validation.
  • It describes the media type of the binary string after it has been decoded as specified in contentEncoding.
  • It is recommended to set contentEncoding if contentMediaType is declared.


Schema with 'contentMediaType' and 'contentEncoding' keyword Schema
  "$schema": "",
  "contentEncoding": "base64",
  "contentMediaType": "application/json"
Valid An instance with a properly stringified JSON document encoded in base64 is valid Instance
"eyAibmFtZSI6ICJKb2huIERvZSIgfQ=="    // --> { "name": "John Doe" }
Valid An encoded value that represents invalid JSON data is still valid Instance
"eyAibmFtZSI6IH0="    // --> { "name": }
Valid A non-string instance is ignored Instance
{ "keyword": "/contentEncoding", "instance": "", "value": "base64" }
{ "keyword": "/contentMediaType", "instance": "", "value": "application/json" }